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Business Transformation
Since 1999, Six Sigma has been transforming organisations through 'no-nonsense' business advice, consultancy and training.

Our tried and proven approach for business transformation / improvement has been successfully used by over 150 micros, SMEs and large companies.

The approach ensures that you have optimised processes in place to generate rapid and relentless business improvement - and to consistently outperform your toughest competitor.

Business Transformation / Improvement

Our approach is both rigorous and systematic - and in summary:-
  • incorporates a simple but highly effective 'Business Management System' that covers all the key aspects of running a business
  • is based on best business practice         
  • provides for high performance leadership and employee motivation
  • utilises our 'hands-on' experience of working with many micro, small, medium and large businesses
  • adopts common sense - and our knowledge of what does and does not work in a particular situation.

See Features and Benefits for more information.

Optimised Processes

The approach covers both management and manufacturing / service processes and has three steps:-
1.  Identify the key processes for the business
2.  Document these processes
3.  Improve these processes - using a common approach throughout the business.

This approach also serves to identify processes and activities that do not add value.

Further information on our Management System and some of the services we provide are contained in the following pages of this website.

"A RAPID™ Business Review was extremely useful as it involved the whole Executive team rating all the key areas of our business. Malcolm successfully managed to ensure the exercise was non emotive, and it was seen as objective by all concerned. It identified specific areas where business processes needed to be tightened up considerably. We have worked with Malcolm since then to arrive at the necessary improvements to give us future savings somewhere in the region of £150k-£300k p.a. Our company is now much more process driven and we are all reaping the benefits; including customers and suppliers."  Jeremy Hope, Financial Director - John Smedley Limited.
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