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Employee satisfaction


Measurement and Management

Employees are considered to be the second most important element of a business (customers are the first).

Many business owners and managers may assume that their employees are happy because they always give that impression when met face-to-face. More enlightened organisations run employee surveys that provide objective information that can be used to drive the business forward.

In a medium to large organisation, the survey process can be used to drive culture change at management level, because managers will know the questions that are to be asked - and be aware that feedback (summarised by manager) will be produced.


Many employee surveys can be obtained 'off the shelf', with a standard set of questions, however this approach is less than ideal.

We have a comprehensive set of questions that specifically tie back to a Business Management Model (as used for Business Reviews). This approach means that the information from the survey can be used to both measure and drive progress in a highly structured way.

We are happy to provide advice and assistance on the best way of running an employee survey.

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