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Website evaluation


An organisation’s website is a shop window for its business and as such needs to be absolutely ‘fit for purpose’.

Where business success is in some way dependent on its website, an organisation should be able to answer two key questions - "How good is our website - and how do we know?"

If you do not know - your website may not be doing justice to your business and may be falling short of your toughest competitors. In the worst case, your website could be damaging your business and you could be totally unaware of this.

We have reviewed over 1,600 company websites since June 2008 - and because we do not develop websites these reviews are totally impartial.

The reviews are normally carried out against three dimensions:-

  • Visual Presentation - against the top 60 attributes for a world-class website
  • Marketing Effectiveness - against 20+ key variables
  • Technical Construction - against 30+ key variables

In addition, a comprehensive review can be carried out covering your website's relevance to the market and its ability to communicate a competitive edge. In order to do this (if required) we need to develop a detailed understanding of your target audience and your competitive environment.

Our website reviews are not simply a check of Search Engine Optimisation. They can include a full comparison with competitors, existing & target customers, supply chain partners, associates, etc. etc.

If your business is partially dependent on your website and if you have made a significant investment of time / money in its development, then our cost-effective review is strongly recommended.

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