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Process management


Our own internal 'Business Management System' consists of a hierarchy of fully documented Key Business Processes.

These processes are in a common format (derived from benchmarking studies) and include:-

  • a flowchart
  • attributes (process owner / participants / stakeholders / customers / input / outputs / measures)
  • associated notes and check lists
  • templates / documents.

This enables clients to speedily compare their existing management / other processes with ours and to make improvements where shortfalls are identified.

Key Business Processes

There are three processes that are used to build the hierarchy of Key Business Processes (and Critical Work Processes):

1.  Process Identification

This is the method for systematically identifying the processes that are key to the success of the business. It includes a check to Vision, Mission, Critical Success Factors, Business Objectives, etc.

2.  Processes Documentation

This is the method for documenting key / critical work processes. The level of detail is dependent on a number of factors including the size and type of business and customer requirements. Processes should only be documented in the least amount of detail necessary to achieve desired results.

3.  Process Improvement

This is the method for ensuring that all documented processes are continually improved. It indicates the QCD improvement targets and associated timescales.

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