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Lean Six Sigma


Our training programmes for Yellow, Green and Black Belts incorporate all the relevant elements to comply with:-

  • Six Sigma ISO 13053 standards parts 1 and 2
  • the American Quality Society (ASQ
  • the British Quality Foundation (BQF)
  • the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM)
  • the Public Sector Improvement Framework (PSIF).

Programme Delivery
Lean Six Sigma programmes can be delivered in either of two formats:-

1. Workshop format. This is the traditional approach - which involves taking participants out of their work environment for a number of days. This may not be the most convenient or cost-effective approach for some organisations. Also, intensive training that is delivered over a few days may not be fully absorbed.

2. E-learning format. This enables participants to remain in the work-place and be educated on-line at a pace that they are comfy with, that provides the least amount of disruption in business activities - and is very cost-effective. This training is structured around 8 modules (Yellow Belt), plus 10 additional modules (Green Belt), plus 9 additional modules (Black Belt).

Behavioural Change
In addition to strict compliance with standards, our programmes can be tailored to ensure that the behavioural change aspects (not required by ISO or other standards) are incorporated as and where necessary.

Properly implemented, Lean Six Sigma will have a major positive impact on an organisation. In our experience changing behaviour is critical to the success of Lean Six Sigma at all levels in an organisation.

Our programmes have been designed in-house by individuals who are experienced in Organisational Development and Business Transformation - and have extensive experience of working with ‘blue chip’ companies in the UK, Europe and the USA.

If you are contemplating Six Sigma - please check out our page on Six Sigma and contact us as necessary for further information.

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