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Project management


The Six Sigma approach to project management is fully documented in our Project Management Manual.

The approach is a distillation and simplification of methodologies such as Prince2 - and can be easily applied to any project irrespective of size.

This process has been successfully applied to small projects with an elapsed time of one day and involving very little resources, through to £multi-million merger and acquisition projects.

In our experience, skills transfer for Project Management is best done on a 'live' project, with real deadlines rather than as a training exercise on a hypothetical project.

Our recommended approach for implementation of Project Management is for your senior management team to use it on a real project - and then cascade it down the line structure. Our "Learn, Use, Teach, Inspect" approach will ensure that Project Management is used consistently throughout your organisation - and will provide the most cost-effective approach 'by a country mile'.

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