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"Miles ahead of business assessments that just look at numbers. We now have a business model for the future, a balanced business scorecard, vital few actions and a comprehensive list of our strengths and areas for improvement. A massive leap forward for a small organisation in just half-a-day." Graphic Designers - 3 employees

"As a small firm operating in a local market, I was doubtful whether we could gain anything from the experience. I was, I have to say, very pleased to be proved wrong."
Chartered Accountants - 6 employees

"My god - did we act on it. We went through the business like a dose of salts. It really was amazing to see the business through another set of eyes. It picked up things that were glaringly obvious that we had missed. An absolutely excellent and thought provoking approach. We were dead chuffed with what we got out of it." Plastic Ducting Manufacturers - 25 employees

"The process was catalytic." Pipework Manufacturer for Aerospace Industry - 27 employees

"An extremely challenging and robust process." Plastic Product Manufacturers - 30 employees

"A breath of fresh air. Major customers are looking for their suppliers to have this sort of approach in place. Those that don’t adopt it will not be significant players in the future. Big companies want to integrate smaller companies into their ways of doing things and those that embrace this kind of approach early will reap the benefits." Fabricators and Precision Machinists - 100 employees

"The exercise opened our eyes as to what we could achieve as an organisation once all our resources were focused and pointed in the right direction." Structural Steel Specialists - 130 employees

"It was a total wake-up call for the management team."
Gas Turbine Fabricators - 150 employees

"We have been through a number of TQM programmes, six sigma and other approaches to business improvement. This one has been by far the most challenging and we have picked up some good ideas on how to implement the Balanced Business Scorecard as a Management System." Rubber Components Manufacturer for the Automotive Trade - 150 employees

"Overall it is an excellent process and we would like to get together with other people who have been through it." Electronics Assembler - 170 employees

"I was delighted at the amount of ground we covered in just 2 half-day sessions. I have had experience of these things taking weeks before anything tangible exists and most of that time is spent debating politics within the organisation. A highly effective and well-developed toolkit for delivering the goods and keeping people focused on the issues. Probably the most effective 2 half-day sessions I have ever attended."
Electronic Component Assemblers - 200 employees

"Far more intense and challenging than World-Class Manufacturing."
Producers of Engineering Solutions - 70 employees

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